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Meet Mike!

Mike's life is a shining example of Self-Determination, which is one of IPMG's Core Values. Mike takes pride in the fact that he has worked at Schnuck's grocery store in Evansville for 20 years. He saves a portion of his income in a trust fund, which he uses to furnish his home and travel all around the country. He is very interested in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and enjoys traveling to historical sites. He then dresses up as historical figures, such as Abraham Lincoln, and does presentations on what he has learned. He also enjoys collecting antiques and historical items, and has researched several generations of his family’s genealogy. Mike was able to independently take a Disney cruise for his birthday, and made new friends from all around the world on the cruise. He also enjoys taking the bus and planes to visit his siblings and extended family.

At home, Mike enjoys living in and taking care of his own apartment. He has learned how to make several meals and dessert recipes. He also enjoys going out with his friends from work, and has been involved in Special Olympics for many years. For the next few years, his goal is to save up for a big trip to Hawaii! Mike makes his own decisions about his life, home, and finances, and he wouldn’t have it any other way!