Community Day at Habitat for Humanity: Porter County

IPMG employee owners Chelsea Burrell, Peter Rosenthal, Victoria Brinson, and Gina Smith recently spent a day volunteering with Porter County Habitat for Humanity. Peter's dad is very involved in Habitat for Humanity and he was our team's on site Manager. We worked on leveling the flooring. It was a lot of fun and we learned that the home is being built for a single mom of one who was formerly in the military. You can see the progress on the house on the Habitat for Humanity Facebook page. We had a great time and learned little tips on concrete work and why what we were doing was necessary. There is a lot more to building houses than one would think, but we definitely learned a lot in the time we were there. When you volunteer, you never know what you will be doing until you get there, which is pretty exciting. It doesn't matter what your experience is, they will walk you through it and we actually found out that the professionals who came in to lay down the flooring on top of the work we did, said it looked great and they didn't have to do any "fixes"! I highly recommend this as a volunteer option and this team is considering volunteering at Habitat for Humanity again next year!