Say hello to Brian…

Brian's IPMG Case Manager, Tracy Rice, nominated him for The Arc of Indiana’s 2013 Outstanding Self-Advocate Award, and Brian was selected as the recipient of this prestigious award!

Brian Kellems is wholeheartedly a civic minded individual and is absolutely a shining example to his peers and to the greater community around him. Within our Evansville community, Brian is present at some of the biggest events of the year including the National Night Out, the Half Marathon, and Boo at the Zoo to name just a few. 

For the 2013 National Night Out, Brian planned and requested a booth at the annual community event to help promote the Special Olympics and the Campaign Against the R-Word. That night, there were so many pledges against using the R-Word that Brian ran out of pledge sheets and he handed out a Campaign Against the R-World to everyone he met. 

When the Half Marathon Runners from Team 13 of the YMCA start practicing for the big event in the early summer months, Brian is outside every Tuesday to aid in their endeavor by handing out cold bottled water that he pays for each week. He enjoys connecting with the runners on an individual level and keeps his water stand open even in the rain. 

Every year at Boo at the Zoo, Brian gets into the Halloween spirit by dressing up and handing out candy to the children of the community. He is always a friendly face among the sometimes scary backdrops of the haunted zoo. 

Even when Brian is not volunteering at an event, like when he attends the Wesselman Woods Earth Day, he remains interested in gaining knowledge and meeting new people. Brian also volunteers at the Vanderburgh Humane Society and participates in the Special Olympics and Best Buddies. 

At the Humane Society, Brian enjoys giving special attention to those animals who may not get all the tender loving care they need. The staff all know him by name and they always hate to see him leave. He enjoys walking the dogs in the yard and playing with the cats when he volunteers there on a weekly basis. 

At the Special Olympics, Brian is an outstanding example of good sportsmanship and always has a smile or an encouraging word for a teammate. He has also taken a leadership role in the fund-raising by completing a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation to present to individuals who may be considering aiding the Special Olympics in some way. Because of this, he attended 14 News' Sochi Olympic games advertising conference and presented his PowerPoint to the crowd. 

Last but not least, at Best Buddies Brian loves being social. Many of his friends are part of Best Buddies and Brian loves to participate in the activities they have planned. His favorite activities are going to Best Buddies night at the Icemen's hockey games and the annual Thanksgiving party. While he is at these activities, Brian is a huge encouragement to other newer members who might be shy, as he always makes an effort to go talk to them. Brian Kellems has touched so many hearts through his never ending community volunteer hours, and is such a valuable contributor to our community!