Say hello to Cody…

Meet Cody!  Since he was in elementary school, Cody struggled with his weight.  Due to his diagnosis of Autism, Cody thrives when he has structure in his environment and schedule.  In May 2012, at 327 pounds, Cody made the decision to lose weight.  He came up with his own program and has stuck with it for nearly two years.  During the first four months, his weight loss was slow, but then he started exercising at the YMCA.  The exercise really helped the weight come off.  Cody continues to exercise every day and makes his own low fat recipes.  He starts every day with 300 sit ups, and loves riding his bike and wrestling.  He is currently training for the Derby Mini Marathon in April (13.1 miles)!

Today, at 158 pounds, Cody gives himself one cheat day each week and usually has a hamburger or a chicken sandwich on that day.  He primarily eats Lean Cuisines and salads with low fat dressing, and drinks Crystal Light instead of sugary drinks.  Cody's weight loss has improved his social life, as he has formed a circle of supportive followers on Facebook and in his community.  His mom and his IPMG Case Manager, Debra Robison, are so proud of him!  Way to go, Cody -- you are an inspiration to us all, especially those of us with weight loss goals for 2014!

UPDATE: Cody completed the Derby Mini Marathon (13.1 miles) in a time of 2 hours and 11 minutes!  Way to go, Cody!