Say hello to Josh…

Josh has participated in music therapy for years and in the last year, his therapist has been working with him on using the iPad to communicate with others. Josh had refused using so many devices in the past, but now through body mapping and supportive typing, he communicates in full (often multiple!) sentences using the iPad. Josh has become a part of his meetings and lets his support team know what hurts, what he wants to participate in, his thoughts on teachers and programs, etc. He has supported his peers as they learn and engage in similar activities, and has become a true leader in his community. His IPMG Case Manager, Breanna Black, wrote, "I am actually tearing up as I write this because it's been such a long road for his family to get him here and he's moving mountains now!"

The local paper has featured articles on Josh's progress, and the inspirational Project Reveal website features a wonderful story about Josh. So many families in the community reference him when they talk about why they are doing typing for their child or why they are participating in certain programs. He's such an inspiration and he's a young man that certainly will go far!

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