Say hello to Robert

On April 2014, IPMG assisted 33 people to transition from Hickory Creek, a nursing home in Gaston, Indiana, to new homes all over the state. Many of these individuals had several medical diagnoses, developmental diagnoses, and specialized medical equipment that was essential for their everyday well-being. IPMG coordinated with the nursing home and new providers before each transition could occur to ensure health and safety needs would be met.

IPMG held transition meetings with the new providers for all individuals being discharged. On April 30th, Robert Sessions was scheduled to transition to his new home in Lafayette, Indiana. While IPMG and Robert’s new service provider were meeting and discussing Robert’s transition needs, Robert became unresponsive in his bedroom with decreasing vitals. Robert had a Do Not Resuscitate order in place, so his guardians/sisters, Lisa Heidle and Regina Heidle, were notified for permission to call an ambulance and 911 was called. When the emergency responders arrived and entered his bedroom to check his vitals, Robert became conscious, alert and awake. Robert was taken to the emergency room for further medical treatment and evaluation. ER physicians determined that Robert was having seizures that went unnoticed by his residential staff, so his medications were increased until his seizures were under control. Robert underwent extensive testing at the ER, and all tests came back normal. Robert was discharged from the hospital and taken to his new home via ambulance.

On April 15, 2015, one year later, Hope Richter, IPMG Manager of Field Support, had the opportunity to facilitate a quarterly meeting for Robert at his home in Lafayette. When Hope arrived, Robert was sitting in a chair in the living room, playing with his sensory items. When Hope greeted Robert, he was very responsive, smiling and laughing, and dropped his sensory items to touch Hope's hand to greet her. Robert is non-verbal, however, he can be very vocal at times. When Robert’s sister Regina arrived, Robert’s expression was pure happiness. He hugged her tightly with a huge smile on his face. Robert was giggling and laughing the entire meeting as he looked at his sister, in what appeared to be complete happiness that his sister was present. Before Robert moved into his new home, Regina and Lisa had been unable to develop a relationship with their brother because he had been hospitalized in facilities for the last 17 years. Prior to his move out of facility care, their only contact with Robert was through their mother. Now that he has moved into his own home in the community, Robert and his sisters are finally able to spend time together and develop a sibling relationship.

As Hope facilitated the meeting, the team discussed Robert’s struggles with medical issues over the last year, but mainly focused on the great improvements that he has made over the course of the last year. Robert has been improving his daily living skills and spending time out in the community with his staff. He will be starting day programming three days per week later this month to stay active and learn additional skills. As the team was discussing Robert’s great successes, Robert’s staff shared a picture with the team that was taken that week at a local park. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!!!