Say hello to Ruben…

He is creative and thoughtful. He cares deeply about self-advocacy. He wants to help others better themselves and positively affect the world around him. 

Ruben has been part of IPMG since its inception. He knows he can rely on the company and his case manager to actively support his goals and dreams, celebrate his uniqueness and understand his needs. 

"My case manager is a good listener. As I make decisions in my life, she talks with me and helps me understand that I have choices," Ruben said. 

A clear understanding of his choices has empowered Ruben to become involved in activities he loves. He is a state board member of a self-advocacy group, where he shares his interests in politics and current events; he also educates and advises others, and has assisted in voter registration for person with disabilities. 

In 2010, a longtime dream of Ruben's was realized when he shared his personal story of triumphs and struggles at a national self-advocacy conference. Alongside his IPMG case manager, Ruben spoke to a crowded room about how he has moved forward in his life and how other can do the same. 

"Working with IPMG and my team is like growing a tree. First you plant the little seed in the dirt - that's the dream. Then you water it - that's the steps to move you along. Some the seeds don't grow but some them do, and they grow and grow," he said, "then, one day, a tree grows out from the ground! It works the same with me and my team, and I really love it."