Say hello to Stephen

Meet Stephen!

Stephen was nominated for an IPMG Core Values Award by IPMG Case Manager Alexander Ade.

In his nomination, Alexander wrote, “Stephen is a remarkable young man that continues to push the envelope in participating in community activities that some would think not possible. Stephen has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to ambulate at home and in the community, but that has never stopped him from seeking out the many thrills life has to offer. Stephen has one of the most fantastic families and support systems around, and they all encourage him to do things like running marathons, skydiving, and Indy car racing.

“Most recently, Stephen ran the mini marathon in Indianapolis, with the help of a family friend. A journalist from WTHR in Indianapolis wrote an inspiring article honoring Stephen's effort in the marathon. In the month of May, Stephen will be fulfilling a family dream by getting to ride in an Indy car with a driver and speeding around the racetrack. Stephen's willingness to continue to push himself and participate in these activities, and his family's support and facilitation of these events prove that with a little help and persistence, there are no limitations, not even a wheelchair, that can stop someone from living a thrilling and fulfilling life.”