Carolyn Underwood

Professional Background

I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Sociology. I worked in the school system as a substitute teacher often in the special needs classrooms. I began working with IPMG in February of 2007 as a Case Manager. During my time with IPMG I have been a Case Manager, a Supervisor, a Quality Compliance Manager and now the Assistant Director of Case Management Operations. 


As an Assistant Director for Case Management operations I am responsible for monitoring and ensuring that we are providing quality services to the individuals that we serve. I review and analyze data to watch for trends that can assist our case managers to provide the best service that can be provided. I am responsible to stay current on trainings, topics and events that are relevant to case management and individuals with disabilities to ensure that I am providing the managers with the tools they need to support their Case Managers. I also oversee the case managers in training. I work closely with the Professional Development Managers to ensure that the new Case Managers are receiving the best training possible!


I believe every individual has the right to choose how they want to live their life. Every individual has hopes and dreams and case management assists with helping the individuals to fulfill their dreams! As a Case Management company we are responsible to provide individuals with choices and to ensure that they are educated on the choices that they make.