Heather Sorrells

Professional Background

I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Audiology and Speech Sciences. Upon graduation, I joined a small waiver case management company. I also worked for a year as the residential coordinator for a waiver provider. I have been with IPMG since its inception in 2006. I have held the positions of Case Manager, Transition Manager, Supervisor, Manager of Field Support, and now Assistant Director for Case Management Operations.


My primary role as Assistant Director involves overseeing the Field Support Managers and the Intake and Medicaid Manager. Field Support completes the intake process for individuals new to the waiver and also provides interim case management supports. I work with the Field Support Managers to ensure that best in class case management services are provided at all points of service delivery. We meet regularly to identify trends and patterns and then I support the team to engage in problem solving. I collaborate with the other Assistant Directors to ensure quality consistency, share resources, determine time frames for interim coverage, and provide updates and communication to IPMG employees based upon trends and issues identified. I meet regularly with the Senior Leadership team to provide updates. 


I believe that every individual has the right to choose their own path in life and that everyone has the dignity of risk when making those choices. As case managers, our role is to assist individuals in advocating for their personal wants and needs, while ensuring they have the information, resources, and supports they desire to make those decisions.