Say hello to Gil

Gil is one of 33 individuals with disabilities who resided in the Hickory Creek nursing home.  These individuals had to move by April 30, 2014 due to a decision made by the owners to close this facility. In 17 days, IPMG collaborated with DDRS to create a smooth transition to the waiver program for these individuals. 

The change from living in a nursing home to living in his own home and being an active member of his local community was somewhat challenging for Gil, but his story has a happy ending.  When Gil first came home, it took 30 minutes to get him out of the car, and then another 10 minutes to get him to walk into the house.  He then spent the entire evening sitting on the kitchen floor, seemingly not wanting to move.

Now, he goes out into the community almost every day.  It may not be to the most exciting places, but for Gil it may be.  He enjoys going grocery shopping and just shopping in general.  He has attended Game Night through Help at Home, and he loves going to the park to walk and lounge.  

Those close to Gil agree that just being outside and being able to feel the sunshine is his favorite.  When he comes by the Help at Home office to visit, especially in the afternoon, he sits near the wall where the afternoon sun shines in, hums and relaxes -- happy as a lark!  

Gil has his own style of hug that he enjoys giving to his caretakers. He actually does more for himself in his own home than Hickory Creek reported he was able to do.  Gil's mother is also able to visit him more frequently now that he lives on the bus route, which has been great for both of them.

IPMG is so pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with DDRS for this successful transition and the others from Hickory Creek.