Say hello to Sandy

About a year ago, Sandy Martin started her weight loss journey. She was told by her physician that her obesity was a serious health risk and she decided to do something about it.

Sandy’s physician had her sign up for a program called Med Fit at her doctor’s office. Med Fit helped her learn to keep a food journal, monitors her exercise program, and promotes positive changes to Sandy’s health. 
Sandy also wanted to learn as much as should could about nutrition. St. Elizabeth Catholic Charities, Sandy’s provider, introduced her to a lady who gave Sandy lessons in nutrition. Here Sandy learned proper portion sizes, and how to eat healthy while on a budget. She also learned how to prepare delicious, low calorie meals. 

All of this came together beautifully and Sandy lost a total of 42 pounds. Unfortunately, in May, Sandy was sidelined with a knee injury. Due to the injury, she was not able to exercise and ended up putting the weight back on. 
As soon as Sandy was given clearance to start exercising again, she came back full throttle. She continues to keep her food journal and turns it into her personal trainer weekly. She portions out all of her food into storage containers. She only eats fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables to avoid sodium. She even works out with a trainer at Med Fit three times per week for an hour and a half each time. Since November, Sandy has lost 38.6 pounds! She is very proud of the progress she has made and continues to make her health her first goal!