Jennifer Lantz

Professional Background

I have a total of 23 years of hands-on and oversight experience in the provision of case management services. After obtaining my degree from Purdue University, I worked with the medical model waivers and progressed to working with the ID waivers. My roles have included that of Case Manager, Supervisor, Department Director, and currently, Executive Director of Case Management Operations. Each role has given me a unique perspective on managing and maintaining quality services for the individuals that we support. I have dedicated my professional career to the provision of best in class case management for all individuals.


My current role is responsible for overseeing and directing the Case Management Operations division of IPMG. The goal is ensuring top quality service delivery to individuals that we support. I am responsible for monitoring statewide trends and patterns on developmental disabilities and case management as well as industry research. I collaborate with other departments to provide statewide updates and communication to IPMG employees based upon trends and issues identified. I am the point person with the State of Indiana regarding case management needs. Other responsibilities include leading work group committees, facilitating the re-certification process, and providing updates to the IPMG Board of Directors.


Strong leadership is the key to empowering our employees to become the best and most skilled case management professionals that they can be. These skills then translate into assuring that we provide case management in the most supportive way for individuals. IPMG strives to ensure that individuals will lead lives that are based on inclusion and choice. My goal is to ensure all individuals have a self-directed life.